Refund Policy:

Due to contractual agreements, all Passport Valid packages are non-refundable.

 If for any reason you are unable to attend the planned trip and/or event after you have either (i) paid in full or (ii) have started making payments on an established payment plan, the responsibility falls on the traveler to notify the travel agent/coordinator, via e-mail, to make arrangements for another traveler to take over the purchased package. Upon selection of said patron, the specifics for your reimbursement of monies previously paid will be handled between the two parties, outside of Passport Valid. This also applies if the package selected was with 2 or more travelers and any of the travelers cancel.

Payment Plans:

Passport Valid offers payment plans for packages available for each trip/event planned. Payment schedules will depend on what package was chosen and how far in advance the initial payment is made. Travel agents/coordinators will provide patrons with detailed schedules dependent upon which packages have been selected. In addition, they will provide invoices as payments are made and balances are updated.

Included in Packages:

– 4-star all-inclusive resort

– Meals and beverages are covered, including alcohol

– All events hosted by Passport Valid

– Shuttle service to and from the airport

– Wi-Fi

Not Included in Packages:

– Flights

– Any activities that have not been arranged/hosted by Passport Valid, including transportation to said activity

If patrons do not book with Passport Valid, patrons are not able to participate in any activity hosted by Passport Valid.