Yes you will need a passport to participate in the Barbados trip.

Click here for more information on obtaining or renewing a passport in the United States.

The answer is no. The only way to be apart of PV events is to book through PV.

Yes it will be!  All your meals and drinks are included while on the resort.

After the deadline for the last payment.

Flights are not included. If you need help booking a flight you may contact us using this form

Your room will be reserved for you after you make your first deposit.

Guest cancellations are a major inconvenience for Passport Valid and any travel professionals or resorts associated with Passport Valid. In all cases when a guest, of his or her own choice, cancels in advance of the trip or fails to show up for any reason such action will be deemed a trip cancellation. Our policy is “all payments are non-refundable”. Our policy is stated in the FAQs of our website and are FIRM. If a person has to cancel for any reason, we will credit the “initial deposit” showing their intent to attend, and that person will be given a credit towards next year’s event. Any and all payments made after the initial deposit are NOT refundable. If a guest is able to find a new replacement who does not currently have an initial deposit in place, we can/will transfer all of their payments to the new traveler. This policy is in place to keep our risks minimalized, as well as to ensure we are fair to all.

Yes! You may change your reservation if you would like a different room, if you would like to change from a single to a double, or if you’d like to change from a double to a single. Contact us for details.

PassportValid was founded with the basic goal of providing people with an affordable, fun, and exciting way to travel to both domestic and international locations.

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