One of our main goals at Passport Valid is to inspire others. We thoroughly believe that one way to achieve this is through international travel. There is literally an entire world out there that most have us have only seen the smallest percentage of. We’d like to provide people with a fun, exciting, and most importantly, an affordable way to experience travel. We believe that people get discouraged when the idea of traveling abroad comes to mind because they automatically feel like it is un-affordable. This is where we are determined to let our customers know that they to, can experience some of the most beautiful places while on a budget. On January 16th, 2013, the US Travel Association conducted a multi-million dollar research and marketing campaign to offer statistics on the health benefits on travel.

According to USA Today, taking vacations contributes to higher positive emotional levels and less depression among those who travel. By creating a travel community, we have the opportunity to create a group of people who all have one thing in common, the love of travel. These people have the desire to escape the day-to-day monotony of adulthood and venture out together to see what this world has to offer firsthand. This is an opportunity for couples, singles, and groups of friends to experience the world all while networking and meeting new lifelong friends. This is an opportunity to gain “once in a lifetime” experiences over and over again. Passport Valid gives you the chance to make what may have once seemed impossible, possible. Thank you for giving us a chance to assist you in your next journey!